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of school, here's our schoolcast school of the day. down to beautiful santa clara, the magnolia science academy, where the principal tells me they will be celebrating the computer science education week next week, well a pretty chilly day below freezing in the morning and only a high of 50 weather school is out in santa clara at the magnolia science academy tomorrow. tomorrow we have a big ridge of high pressure off to the west just feeding in that arctic air. the jet stream is dipping as far south as mexico. over the next couple of days we'll see the jet stream continue to be to the south. we'll be on the cold side of things and then see a little area of low pressure swing by to our north and west. as that happens, we'll get a chance of showers. but not just rain showers. in the north bay, friday night the snow level will drop all the way down to 1,000 feet. and gradually climb back to about 2500 feet by saturday morning. bottom line, many of our higher hilltops that's you mount diablo, you mount hamilton, that's you mount tam even may see a little bit of white when the sun comes out o
dog were kicked off a flight about to leave the bay area. >> i know this looks like science fiction. it's not. >> amazon testing delivery by drone. tonight we ask, practical or pie in the sky? ♪[ music ] >> and how a bay area program that's been silenced for years is revived due to a surprise discovery in a closet. oakland. flight attendants said they were concerned abt dog's breed. >>> an oakland woman and her service dog kicked off a flight in oakland. a flight attendant said they were concerned about the dog's breed. kpix 5's brian webb tells us the woman needs her dog to help prevent seizures. brian. >> reporter: ken, service dogs are part of the americans with disabilities act. about all you need to do to qualify your dog is get a note from your doctor. but just because you have the note doesn't mean you'll make the flight. to say sky they are inseparable. the dog gives her help with emotional issues and seizures after an attack. >> so hard to come back from that. >> reporter: she was going to family she hadn't seen in years with the dog. when she got to her seat she was tol
the practice. it call comes down to science. knows his stuff.he says releasing commercially grown butterflys into the wild is wrong. , "i' notion or >> reporter: it's a tradition that has been around for years, releasing butterflies for special events, especially weddings. leo o'brien studies butterflies. >> reporter: he says commercially releasing them into the wild is wrong. >> i'm trying to shut down the motion or the impulse that these are party favors for any event. that's really the crux. >> reporter: the monarch butterflies are not endangered, not protected, not in short supply. monarch farming as it is called is a multimillion dollar national business. >> they are wildlife. they are not things. >> reporter: the san francisco commission on the environment is considering a proposal to ban butterfly releases in the city. >> the commercial release of butterflies really offsets some of the scientific research that folks are doing to try to monitor and to keep an effective count on what the native specious looks like. >> reporter: monarch papers say they don't breed, they are sterile and p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3